Presently, we have two factories, which combined have more than 25.000 m2,


located in the industrial city of Ibi, in Alicante Province, Spain.


This area is a hub for entrepreneurs and industrial production with a superb network by road, air, sea and train.


We provide you with a complete service from production, logistics to product displays to help you promote and sell your products

Made in Juypal. Our industrial process is totally integrated.

Each article that JUYPAL HOGAR presents to the market is the result of a long and deep knowledge of the manufacturing techniques that the market demands.



With every new project we undertake, considerable time is allocated to research and development. With great attention to detail, JUYPAL HOGAR are confident all aspects are thoroughly thought through which results in the exceptional quality and design that JUYPAL brings to the market.


Juypal Hogar. Taller de matricería

Our industrial process is totally integrated. With JUYPAL HOGAR’s modern industrial facilities, we make our own molds with two brand new machines which allows us achieve the very best finish in our molds.

+Robots and IML injection

Juypal Hogar. Robots y técnicas IML

Our manufacturing process involves the use of leading technologies in machinery such as our robots & I.M.L injection procedures. JUYPAL HOGAR’s staff is highly trained in all aspects of our production. By allowing their input, they help to evolve our products through the steps of research, design and production.

+Home households

Juypal Hogar. Diseño y calidad

We furnish homes from the kitchen to the garden terrace with household accessories. Products range from Kitchen Accessories, to Pet related products to cleaning and storage solutions.


Juypal Hogar promociones

In addition to our standard production, we have the ability to produce promotional products to meet your every requirement. Providing “turn-key” solutions is a service in which JUYPAL prides itself, allowing you the customers to have fully customized products to help promote your businesses.